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Our Scaffolds are better than theirs

Us Vs. Them

There's Really no Comparison

As you'll quickly see from the pictures below, when you compare our design and features side-by-side with the competition...

Made in USA

Our 6' heavy-duty Scaffolding is rated to hold up to 750 lbs.*

Made in CHINA

Their 6' light-weight Scaffolding is rated to hold only 500 lbs

* In our factory tests, our trusses and ladders (without the plywood platform) have successfully held 3,000 lbs. This is just one of many indicators of our product line’s strength, durability, and longevity. It’s no wonder so many of our customers still have their Gentex scaffolding working on the job 20 to 30 years after their original purchase! As you scroll down these photos, you’ll see exactly why our scaffolds last so long. Can the same claim be made by “THEM?”

Our thicker and stronger diagonal

Their thinner and weaker diagonal

Our stronger metal wrap-around edging

Their weaker non-wrap edging

Our truss has more welding

Their truss has less welding

Our large thick keyhole makes it easy to adjust height and is very secure

Their small thin keyhole makes it difficult to adjust height and is much less secure

Our Heavy-Duty spring-lok is very strong and easy to adjust

Their Light-Weight squeeze-lock is weak and difficult to adjust

Our keyholes provide a very secure way to adjust the platform level every 3"

Their keyholes do not provide as secure a way to adjust the platform level

Our thicker, wider caster is much more stable

Our braking pad is wider, thicker, and much more stable