Fall Prevention At The Workplace With Custom Made Scaffold Platforms
Steel Scaffolding Systems. Fall Prevention

Our Cool Scaffolds

Our Fall Prevention Work Platforms
==OSHA Compliant Scaffolds==

Curved Scaffolds

Gentex Scaffolds Company is a leader in the manufacture of custom scaffolding systems and work platforms. We serve companies like the MBTA in MA a safe environment for their bus maintenance crews.

Cantilevered Scaffold

We have assisted construction companies, providing them with solutions to work on areas difficult to reach in tall buildings.
This custom Cantilevered scaffold is proof of our custom scaffolds and solutions.

BusTop Scaffolds

Providing a safe platform for bus roof maintenance is the objective of one of the custom cool scaffolds, we designed and built with high quality materials and craftsmanship at General Steel Products Co.

Custom Scaffolds

Clean room compatible Scaffolds with powder coating and aluminum diamond plate for the aerospace industry and industries with that requirement.

Aluminum diamond plate scaffolds

Scaffolds for the aerospace industry and industries with custom requirements. Our scaffolds are built with the most high standards.

Best High Quality Scaffolding

Osha compliant custom work platforms. Scaffolds made to your specifications and tailored to your needs. We serve around the USA.

Steel Custom Scaffolds

Safe work platforms for transportation, construction companies and every company that looks for the protection of their maintenance crew.

Safe Work Platforms

We work closely with all kinds of industries to provide safe work and custom platforms made with high quality steel.

Osha Compliant Custom Scaffolding

Secure the safety of your maintenance crew with custom work platforms.