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Specs for
24’ Long Gentex BusTop™,
manufactured by General Steel Products, Co., Inc.
Everett, MA 02149 (11/1/19)

Price: $67,000 for 24’ Long Gentex BusTop as shown in the 3 photos below.(This price does not include freight and installation services.)

General Steel Products | Rolling Indoor Scaffolds | Work Platforms
General Steel Products | Rolling Indoor Scaffolds | Work Platforms
General Steel Products | Rolling Indoor Scaffolds | Work Platforms
  • The 24’ long Gentex BusTop consists of the following components
  • Eight Double-Angle 9.5’ Tall Ladders consisting of 2”x2”x3/16” Angle-Iron and 1” Schedule 40 Pipe Rungs. Ladders are 36” wide.
  • a.Ladders are punched with keyhole slots at 3” increments for adjustability. This unique keyhole slot design originated at General Steel Products
  • Six 8’ Long and 42” high side guard rails with 1” Schedule 40 Pipe
  • Twelve 8’ long, 36” wide and 3/4” thick, heavy-duty, anti-skid Tuf-Tred Platforms—Six are on the top level to access the top of the bus and six are on the lower level to access the side windows. All platforms are placed inside an angle iron frame with flat bar straps underneath for even greater strength.
  • Twenty-Four #T-8 8’ long horizontal trusses formed in a unique design originated at General Steel. made from 16 gauge steel. A set of 8’ trusses is rated to hold 750 lbs. This published rating, which appears on our yellow safety label, follows an OSHA guideline that says that the maximum capacity must be 4 times the published capacity. (We have in fact tested them to 3,000 lbs.)
  • Four 3’ End guard rails above each end ladder. Two are swing-gates.
  • Two end swing-gates that swing/join over the top of the bus at the two far ends of the system.
  • Sixteen 8” heavy-duty, industrial strength double-braking casters.
  • Six 8’ long toe boards.
  • Six 7” wide, 8’ long cantilevered “gap-filler” extension steps. These steps (with a padded bumper) fill the gap between the edge of the platform deck and the top of the bus.
  • One 9.5’ Tall, 36” wide, walk-up staircase with handrails and mid-rails. The heavy-duty staircase consists of diamond-plate steps. Staircase is slanted at a natural and easy to walk-up 45 degree angle, ideal for carrying tools and equipment to the top.
  • All components meet or exceed OSHA standards stated in section 1910.29.
  • All steel utilized is prime or first quality.
  • Scaffolding is painted with a lacquer paint—“National Federal Safety Orange.”
  • All parts and components are sanded, ground or deburred to remove all sharp or rough edges.
  • Accessories are available including tool trays at easy-to-reach waist level that attach to the outside of the guard rails.
  • All scaffold components are manufactured at General Steel Products, Everett, MA and thus STILL Made in the USA!
  • Several key, proprietary components are in a patent pending status.
  • Please note: longer versions of the Gentex BusTop (longer than the 24’ long system shown above) can be ordered for longer, articulated buses, for example, and are proportionately priced.
  • There are Gentex Scaffolds that have been out in the field working for 20, 30, 40 and even 50 years! All that these users have had to do over the decades is replace casters and platforms from time-to-time.If a Gentex BusTop lasts you 50 years, it will outlast your current bus fleet!
  • Sole Source--General Steel is the only company who manufactures the Gentex BusTop™. It was invented by us and is a derivative of 60 years of scaffold manufacturing expertise and experience. To see why we are uniquely qualified to manufacture this product for you and why there is no one else in the marketplace who makes the BusTop, you may request our “Sole Source” presentation.
  • You have the option to set up and install the Gentex BusTop yourselves or you may have our Gentex team or our local representatives install it for you. If you would like to install it yourselves, you may request our installation manual.
  • Some of the transit agencies that currently use The Gentex BusTop include: Baltimore Metro; Boston-MBTA, Blacksburg VA; CCCTA (Concord, CA); Houston Metro, L.A. Metro; Las Vegas (Veolia Transportation); Nashville, Santa Cruz; SEPTA (Philadelphia); SF Muni; Lynx (Orlando); Stockton, CA; Vallejo, CA; Gold Coast Transit (Oxnard, CA)
  • Contact Info at Manufacturer’s Site:

--Steve Meltz
National Sales Manager
General Steel Products
Gentex Scaffolds Division
383 Second Street
Everett, MA 02149
617-387-5400 (Office)
781-844-4444 (Cell)

General Steel Products | Rolling Indoor Scaffolds | Work Platforms
General Steel Products | Rolling Indoor Scaffolds | Work Platforms

Steve Meltz of General Steel Products, in front of Gentex BusTop at our booth at the 2011 APTA Show in New Orleans, LA