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Bus Rooftop Maintenance Scaffold Platform

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The Gentex BusTop was designed for a major Public Transit Authority so their maintenance crew could work more safely, and with greater ease, 9 feet high on their buses’ rooftops where many of the bus’ operating systems reside. The Gentex BusTop, with its spacious platforms and 4-sided guard rail system, creates a “360 degree safe zone”. When it comes to fall protection… the Gentex BusTop sure beats a harness!


11′ Custom Scaffold

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This scaffold has custom 11′ long trusses and safety guard rails, and outriggers in two directions to allow it to safely span the nose of a food refrigeration truck.

The steady work platform allows the mechanic to easily and safely make repairs to the refrigeration unit located above the cab, as well as repairs to the truck’s sides.

  • 2 11′ Trusses
  • 1 11′ Platform
  • 2 Ladders
  • 2 11′ Side Guards
  • 2 End Guards
  • 8 Outriggers
price:7, 290.00

16 x ‘8’ Gentex Tower

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Need to get high? Need to reach lightbulbs on a 20′ high ceiling, or instant drywall or wallpaper on a cathedral ceiling at that height?

You can get there safely and comfortably with a 16′ Gentex Tower by stacking two Gentex Series 88 scaffolds on top of each other. As per OSHA’s safety requirement, a Safety Guard Rail System and Outriggers are also included.

Note: All other combinations of our scaffolds with like lengths are possible.

  • 4 L-8 8′ Ladders
  • 4 T-8 8′ Trusses
  • 2 P-8 8′ Platforms
  • 4 Swivel Casters With Brake
  • 2 EG-3 End Guards
  • 2 SG-8-2 8′ Side End Guards
  • 4 Outriggers
Model:16-8 HD price:$3,785.00 Weight:500 lbs.

32′ Custom Scaffold

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This is four of our standard 8′ scaffolds connected together end-to-end with extra-sturdy safety guard rails and swing gates at each end.


360 Degree Scaffold

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This customer needed 360 degree access to an object that protruded through a square hole in the platform. The hole and extension rails are manufactured from heavy-gauge steel, and have a unique Gentex Triangular-Truss design that provides solid support for the platforms that make up the spacious extension platform assembly. The customer’s crew will feel like they’re walking on solid ground, even when they’re 8′-16′ up in the air.


Custom 10′ Scaffold

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One customer needed to span the width of his trucks to do maintenance on top. To do this, he needed a custom 10′ long truss with custom 10′ long safety guard rails.


Custom 12′ Scaffold

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This tall 12′ long scaffold comes with outriggers and a safety guard rail system.


Custom 20′ Scaffold

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This custom scaffold sports our longest span of 20 feet.


Custom Curved Scaffold

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This is a custom curved scaffold with an expanded metal platform and curved safety guard rails that can encircle cylindrical objects.


Custom U-Shaped Rolling Scaffold

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This seamless Custom U-Shaped Rolling Scaffold is ideal for surrounding large equipment such as trucks and buses. The unique Gentex design provides easy acces from three sides at once. Or, work directly above your target, if that’s the kind of access you need.


Diamond-Plate Platform

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An alternative to our standard plywood platform, our DIAMOND-PLATE platform provides the ultimate in strength. It’s an ideal choice if you’re working in a clean room environment, or in a nuclear facility where you need to decontaminate.


Extra Long Scaffolding

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Special couplings create infinitely long scaffolding.


Very Large Custom Scaffold

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We can make very large custom scaffolds such as this which can be used to surround large rectangular objects.

price: $191,400.00

Scaffold Bridges

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Two 10′ tall by 8′ long scaffolds with safety guard rails joined by two 8′ long custom bridges allow this customer to safely access unusually hard to reach equipment, either from the side or from above, because of the “cut-out” in the middle.