16' Scaffolding Tower - Portable Work Platform Tower | Gentex

16 x ‘8’ Gentex Tower

16 x ‘8’ Gentex Tower

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Need to get high? Need to reach lightbulbs on a 20′ high ceiling, or instant drywall or wallpaper on a cathedral ceiling at that height?

You can get there safely and comfortably with a 16′ Gentex Tower by stacking two Gentex Series 88 scaffolds on top of each other. As per OSHA’s safety requirement, a Safety Guard Rail System and Outriggers are also included.

Note: All other combinations of our scaffolds with like lengths are possible.

  • 4 L-8 8′ Ladders
  • 4 T-8 8′ Trusses
  • 2 P-8 8′ Platforms
  • 4 Swivel Casters With Brake
  • 2 EG-3 End Guards
  • 2 SG-8-2 8′ Side End Guards
  • 4 Outriggers
Model:16-8 HD price:$3,785.00 Weight:500 lbs.